insanely infatuated with empress ki.

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i am motherfucking back. 

Never thought this day was going to come; the day when I return to Tumblr, but well here I am.

The Plan: Edit per day. Yeah we will see.

a bit of closure
Might as well call this tumblr dead because I’m in my final year of high school and gosh is it hectic. Even though I doubt anyone even cares I’m probably just going to let this tumblr die but I still exist, and if anything, my true inner fangirl is actually shown through there. Though no one probably is going to read this, I really do appreciate everyone who has followed me; a lot of people wouldn’t consider it that many but I’m really honoured people followed so I would just like to say thanks.

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  • normal person: sings lyrics
  • me: sings lyrics
  •  sings backup vocals
  •  sings guitar riffs
  •  air-drums entire song
  •  headbangs

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When Leeteuk says Siwon only wants skinship

“hmhmhm bout to drink me some wa- hOW COULD YOU ACCUSE ME OF SUCH A THING.”

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